Grilled Cheese Challenge Festival

South Etobicoke (Lakeshore), 2925 Lakeshore Bld. West, Etobicoke, ON.

The Dreamboats play The Grilled Cheese Challenge Festival in South Etobicoke!! This is an outdoor street festival with vendors, music, and a LOT of grilled cheese!! We're playing ONE set of our favourite Rock n' Roll tunes, mixed with selections from our "soon to be released" NEW EP!! Set-time is 2:00 PM. The stage is located right near Village Vinyl! This festival is FREE! Visit the official website for full details: www.grilledcheesechallenge.ca

**note that Lakeshore Bld. will be closed for the festival between Islington (7th street) and 3rd Street.

**Event will happen rain or shine!